Theory of information processing Stuctures of IT systems (eg. von Neumann architecture)

Organisational theory and practice
IT/PC TechnologyAdvanced knowledge
Operating SystemsAdvanced knowledge: LINUX (SuSE), DOS, Windows 3.x/9X/ME/NT/2000/XP

Basic knowledge: CP/M, OS/2, MVS, UNIX
Data TelecommunicationsAdvanced knowledge in theory and practice: BTX/Dx-J/T-Online, Datex-P, ISDN, xDSL, ISO OSI-Model, Internet Technology etc.

Basic knowledge: Connecting mainframe computers:
  • RVS (IBM mainframes)
  • FTMSP (Siemens mainframes)
  • ONGUM (Connection of State Banks)
Data Security/IntegrityHBCI, PKI/Trust Center (X.509), SSL, RSA/DES/AES, PGP
Data BasesBasic knowledge: mySQL, db2, Access; rudimentary: ISAM, VSAM
Programming LanguagesAdvanced knowledge: BASIC

Basic knowledge: COBOL, HTML, JAVA, C/C++, visual basic, Maestro/PCMS
ApplicationsAdvanced knowledge:
  • electronic banking
  • electronic transactions
  • electronic payment
  • electronic cash (basics, norms, applications etc.)
Certified SAP-consultant “mySAP Financials”

Consulting for the development and marketing of a SAP-medium-sized business product: ERP-Product INENSO by BPS Consulting (

Basic knowledge: Electronic commerce (EDIFACT, XML, MS biztalk, ERP-, SCM-, CRM- and other systems)
Project ManagementPMI®-Methodology (Project Management Institute, USA)
Practical experience with the following systemsPC: various systems with diverse programs:
  • Office applications (MS, Star, Lotus)
  • Data base systems (dBase, ACCESS, Paradox)
  • Integrated software (OA, MS-Outlook, Lotus Notes)
  • Tools and Specialized Programs (Power Quest, Finance Mathematics, Fractals etc,)
Mainframe: Telefunken, Siemens 7.860L
  • DYNAMO: Simulation of macroeconomic models
  • SPSS: statistical package for the social sciences

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