information integration & project management - Consulting Company focussing on first class project management and expert services for the (Re-)Insurance Industry

Leading, manufacturer-neutral supplier of seminars and qualifications projects in the area of information and communication

  • seminar spectrum: over 500 themes in the public area
  • public seminars, inhouse seminars, eTraining, qualifications projects, training processes, outsourcing

Approved accountant

  • booking, recording and accounting of running business occurances
  • running wage and salary accounting
  • Entrepreneur consultation
  • business consultation
  • controlling

Industrial consultant

  • optimization of development processes
  • solutions to real problems

Recycling of computers, monitors and printers etc.

  • Dont know what to do with your old devices ?
  • Are those old devices taking up unnecessary space ?
  • Does it bother you that old devices dont belong at the garbage dump ?
  • Do you have requests for old computers from schools and you dont have time to deal with them ?
  • You're not sure if your old computer will be put to good use there ?


  • branch and product neutral IT consultation
  • support with business problems
  • putting company aims into practice within a modern system landscape
  • training, coaching
  • professional business websites using the TYPO3 Web Content Management System

Service pertaining to the internet

  • marketing
  • internet services
  • database consulting
  • controlling


  • schult und berät in Vorbereitung und Umsetzung
  • bei SAP-Einführungen in Deutschland, Europa und weltweit

Consulting company for

  • Business-/IT-Alignment
  • Customer- & Salesmanagement
  • Business Intelligence

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